A message from the CEO - Dr John Coumbaros

I welcome you to MaverickEDU, the Academy of Dangerous Ideas.

I come from a long lineage of Mavericks. Refugees and immigrants who wherever they went forged a life on their terms. A life of contribution. A life of purpose. A life of Dangerous Ideas. Mavericks.

So it is in my bones. To challenge the status quo. To be an agent of change. To live beyond the ordinary. Learning, growing, contributing, with purpose.

And now, through MaverickEDU, I seek to find my tribe. A tribe of Mavericks. To explore Dangerous Ideas. To challenge. To learn. To inspire. To grow. To be bold. To be extraordinary. To forge a life of purpose. Empowered. Together. A tribe fiercely devoted to changing the world.

My vision is to build an Academy, unparalleled amongst conventional education providers. An Academy that brings together Mavericks from an array of diverse fields, including sociology, politics, philosophy, business, medicine, science, and many more. Agents of change, to present to you Dangerous Ideas through seminars, workshops and short courses. Dangerous because they will challenge what you think you know. Dangerous because they are truths worth knowing. Dangerous because they threaten to change the world. Dangerous because you will not be the same person once you have been exposed to them.

Join me, if you dare!!